Enid Dinnis – Her favourite books

Enid’s collection of books would be categorised as Christian, she had several Bibles of different versions and translations, and below there is a picture of her favourite, the all singing all dancing Chain Reference Bible.  It does what it says, you can look up a reference in it and it will lead you to all the other similar verses, chapters and references.  Like a kind of early Google system.

Another of her favourite books was The Small Woman, the story of Gladys Aylward who Enid greatly admired having met her once when she came to speak at a church meeting.  It is an impressive true story of Gladys who was a missionary in China leading one hundred children to safety on a twelve day march across the mountains.

Enid also enjoyed playing the piano, and had many Billy Graham Song Books and music books.  She would be so happy playing and singing hymns in the front room, and she also accompanied various musical church groups over the years.  Her christianity was so important to her, and she certainly put a lot of energy into serving God.

The BibleThe Small WomanBilly Graham Song BookThe Old Rugged Cross

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