Edith Maud W. Cleeve

Edith Maud W Cleeve

Today we are looking at my paternal grandmother’s elder sister.  March 29th is the 127th anniversary of the birth of Edith Cleeve.  She was born in 1886, the eldest of six girls born to Charles Cleeve and Agnes Maffey.  Their second daughter, Kate was born in 1890 but sadly died in 1901 aged just eleven.

The third daughter, born in 1892 was Annie Cleeve – my grandmother.  Three more daughters were born: Rose in 1896, Olive in 1898 and lastly Grace in 1900.  Looking at the Census information we can tell a little about their life in Dummer, Hampshire, England.  Charles, the head of the household was working as an agricultural labourer.  The 1901 census shows the family still living and working in Dummer, although Edith was aged 15 by now and was working as a domestic servant.  She appears to be living in Kingsgate Street which may have been a school.

Edith married Ernest Doswell in 1907 and they had a daughter, Edith Dora (known as Dora) who sadly died young aged 32 in 1941.  Ernest died in 1948 and Edith lived with her younger sister, Rose during their later years.

I have no personal recollections of Edith, I don’t think I ever met her.  I remember she, along with all the other aunts, would send postal orders at Christmas and birthdays.  For any younger readers of this blog a postal order was like a cheque, but you banked it at the Post Office.  Could you have cashed it in?  I was always told to deposit the postal orders in my Post Office account and watch my savings grow.

Thanks to my cousin Sue for helping me trace everyone and keep tracks on who is who, it’s so much more fun doing all this together!

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