Table Tennis in Sussex 1950-1951

As I have written previously, both my parents Gordon and Enid Dinnis, enjoyed a game of table tennis.  I have some newspaper cuttings here, which were very carefully kept but sadly not dated.  I imagine them to come from the 1950s and 1960s.  This teaches me that I ought to date things I am keeping!  Also it is helpful to write who is in photographs on the back of them.  Although these days with the digital camera it is easier to tag and lable the photos.

I also have here a couple of Official Handbooks for the Sussex County Table Tennis Association, one from 1950 -1951 and the other from the following year.  I can’t find any mention of my parents, but they give a real insight and flavour of the time, and I think it is worth sharing some of the articles.  I enjoyed reading them, they make me smile.

The General Secretary W.L. George write about the History of the County Association, which seems to have started with a meeting in 1938-39, competing in the Southern Division for the first time in 1947-48.  He write a paragraph at the end of his article:

“What I Dislike In Table Tennis”.  The enthusiastic player whose keenness only last while he is “in play” and whose enthusiasm rapidly melts when asked to give a hand at shifting a table or a spot of umpiring.  The player who can always explain away his losses, but, in recounting his victories, overlooks the fact that his opponent may have been “off”.  The man who won’t play to the umpire, if he thinks the service a let catches the ball, and , if necessary, argues to change a contrary decision.  The keen tournament type who rush madly to a table where a match has just finished and “knock-up” at length, hoodwinking the harassed officials into thinking the table is in legitimate use and generally throwing a spanner into the works of organisation and – final straw – probably complaining because they haven’t had a game for an hour.  The odd “dresser” – after all, there is a regulation on the subject.”

Handbook 51-52handbook pages 8-9

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  1. No mention of viciousness LOL?

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