1950 Advertisement for ‘foundation garments’

I have been enjoying reading the ‘Sussex County Table Tennis Association Official Handbook’ from 1950.  As well as the articles on table tennis I always find it interesting to look at the adverts in these little publications to see what people were buying.  On the inside cover I notice this little gem:

Alston's Corsetry

Alston’s Rubber Reducing Corsets

“Try this perfect all-rubber foundation garment, which slims your figure into flattering lines of beauty, and discover why thousands acclaim it as the most comfortable corset they have ever worn.  Absence of bones eliminates harmful pressures and unsightly bulges.  All sizes available in choice of four styles.

Mrs. M. M. writes 3rd July, 1950: The Alston Corsets are the best I have ever worn, and being stout I find them very comfortable without bones.

Mrs P. Stuart writes, 12th July, 1950: It is the first roll-on I have worn that hasn’t collected in an unsightly roll round my middle.

(The original testimonials, together with many others, may be seen at our offices.)”

It makes me feel so glad I was born later than this era and didn’t have to squeeze myself into these foundation garments.  I also particularly like the testimonials at the end of the advert.  Bless Mrs. M. M. for calling herself ‘stout’, not something we would say today!

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4 Responses to 1950 Advertisement for ‘foundation garments’

  1. Me, too. I still remember wearing something called a garter belt when I was in 6th and 7th grade (11 and 12). It was to hold up my fishnet stockings as I wasn’t allowed to wear nylons. It was right before panty hose were invented. I had a similar problem to Mrs. P. Stuart ;).

    • God bless the inventor of the panty hose (or ‘tights’ as we call them here!) I wonder whose ancestor that was?!!

      • Somebody wealthy, I’m sure :). Tights here are same design, but thicker, like ballerinas wear. Although when I was a little girl, many people called “tights” leotards, which are what ballerinas wear over their tights and on their torsos. By the way, my daughter’s boyfriend is British, and I gave him a gift card for an occasion and he bought “2 great jumpers” with it. I knew what he meant, but jumpers to me are dresses you wear over a shirt or sweater :).

  2. Trudi says:

    Well, I really wish I had been born in the Victorian era. I love the feel of being laced into a proper steel boned corset. Unfortunately due to work pressures etc I cant wear one 24/7, but as soon as I get home on Thursday evening I shower and my partner laces me into one of my six corsets I have. I stay in them all until Sunday bedtime, apart form bath time obviously, and then depending on what the week holds for me then I have to relinquish them to their draw until the next time. I do however always wear some kind of foundation garment to work, and this normally consists of a long legged pantie girdle and a pantie corselette . I am not blessed with a perfect figure and I feel so much more confident when I have these on. Probably not the most convenient things to wear when you need to go for a wee but I am happy to compromise that awkward couple of minutes for allday confidence.

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