A to Z Challenge Day 10

Day 10 – The Letter J:

Jigsaw Puzzles

I’ve chosen to write about jigsaw puzzles today, because they were something that my parents enjoyed very much.  Especially in their later years, when they were retired and had more time for their hobbies.  They wouldn’t work on one together, they usually had one each on the go.  They had piles and piles of jigsaw puzzles in boxes in the loft.  I never really liked jigsaws myself, maybe they are something I will come to enjoy as I get older.

Mum would work on hers at the dining table, first separating the edge pieces and building the outside edge to frame the picture.  Dad had a thick board he kept on his lap, sitting in his armchair by the window, putting pieces in place one at a time.  I remember one day when he was doing this, he’d almost finished, and the jigsaw slowly and gracefully slid off the edge of the board, all over the floor.  Dad didn’t often swear, but the air turned blue that day!

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Welcome to my blog where I am enjoying meeting my family - past and present - one at a time. Join me as I learn who my ancestors were, where they lived, what their occupations were and what everyday life was like for them.
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1 Response to A to Z Challenge Day 10

  1. I love putting puzzles together. Especially the elaborate ones that take up an entire table!

    Konstanz Silverbow
    A-to-Z April Blogging Challenge Co-host

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