Table Tennis – Gordon Dinnis’ newspaper clippings (2)

This is a later collection of newspaper clippings I found, telling the story of Gordon Dinnis and Table Tennis in his later playing years.  One of the newspapers is dated November 3, 1973.  Gordon would have been 50 years old them.  The rest of the clippings call him a ‘veteran’ of the game.  He hated being called a veteran, he thought it made him sound old!

“Gordon Dinnis, the long-serving Alliance player, showed the youngsters from Nat. West. Bank A a thing or two.  Thanks to Gordon’s treble Alliance A were able to share the points in this Division 1 encounter.”

“Veteran Gordon Dinnis returned to form for Alliance A when he recorded a match-winning treble against Spartan B.”

“Worthy winners in Division 1 are Alliance B.  Veteran Gordon Dinnis led his side to a four points victory over Nat. West. Bank A.”

“Veteran, Gordon Dinnis, can still show the youngsters a thing or two, even when playing in Division 1.  He took a maximum for Alliance A who edged out a winner over Hollingbury A by 6-4.”

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2 Responses to Table Tennis – Gordon Dinnis’ newspaper clippings (2)

  1. Sue Woodland says:

    Alison tells me that, unless anything has changed, a veteran is 40 or over! In tournaments there are various categories, the veterans is for over 40’s, and the masters for over 50’s.

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