A to Z Challenge Day 19

Day 19 – The Letter S:


Sindy dollSindy doll 2Sindy doll 3Sindy1Sindy2BridesmaidDream DateDuffle CoatSindy5Sindy8

I loved my dolls when I was young.  I remember getting my first Sindy doll in around 1967-68 and I had wanted one for so long!  It was the ‘must have’ toy for girls, Sindy was quite new.  I already had a Tressy doll, but Sindy was the one I really wanted.  Tressy had a coil of long hair that grew from her head when you put a key in her belly button and turned it, but this was nothing compared to the allure of Sindy with all her clothes and accessories.  You can see from the pictures above that I kept my first Sindy doll.  For many years I kept my whole doll collection, all the clothes and stuff that went with them.  Then I figured it was time to let go, but I still hung on to Sindy.  She’s wearing the outfit she came in, it’s in one of the images above too.  I lost her shoes, and one eye has no eyelashes, but apart from that she’s worn really well considering the amount of play she went through.

I saved up my Christmas and birthday money to buy Sindy.  I remember going into Brighton to buy her, I think she came from Gamleys toy shop in the arcade along Western Road.  I certainly remember waiting at the bus stop for the number 2 bus to take me and my parents home again.  I held my bag tight and couldn’t wait to get home and begin playing with my new doll.  I would dress her up, gradually adding to her wardrobe, and had the outfits above including the bridesmaid outfit, the duffle coat and pink dress.  I had a good imagination as a child and just loved imagining all sorts of scenarios going on for Sindy.  I needed a lot of dental treatment when I was younger, and after the painful extractions Mum would always take me along to the local toy shop in Woodingdean and buy me an outfit for Sindy.

My best friend Cathie (hi Cathie, did you manage to find this blog yet?) also had a great collection of dolls and we would play with them for hours in one anothers bedrooms.  I’m not quite sure why I can’t get rid of Sindy, I wonder what it is about certain things that make us want to hang on to them?  I also remember the joy of saving up money for a long time in order to buy something I really wanted.

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4 Responses to A to Z Challenge Day 19

  1. paulaacton says:

    I have a Sindy house in my cupboard – it is slightly worse for wear after generations of us playing with it and the lift is missing but I remember going to the toy shop and the wall covered in outfits and accessories both for Sindy and the house, now it seems to get a new outfit you have to buy another doll

  2. I love this post! I too love dolls and today I do have a doll collection. I never knew Sindy, though, and she’s a cutie. I love the images you were able to find of her costumes!

    • Hi currentdescendent (please what is your name!) What a shame you missed out on Sindy, she’s a bit like Barbie but back when I had mine Sindy didn’t have the overdeveloped chest area!

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