Park Street School Magazine 1938

My father, Gordon Charles Dinnis, attended Park Street School in Brighton.  I have a copy of the School Magazine from the summer of 1938 when Gordon would have been 14 years of age.  His brother, Ronald Stanley Dinnis would have been 13 years of age and also attended this school.  Judging from the cover of the magazine and the Editor’s page inside, the school focussed on the importance of sport, and both of the Dinnis boys would have appreciated this.  It seems strange to think of Gordon as still a schoolboy in 1938, when three years later he would be called up and would be serving in the Army during the Second World War.

Front Page Park St School magFrom details in the magazine we can see Gordon was in Form 4.  The Dinnis boys’ main sport seemed to be football, but they also receive a mention for various other sports: Gordon for Athletics and Cricket and Ron for the 100 yards, 220 yards and team events in Athletics.  Gordon also gets mentioned as composing and printing the various headings to the pages, as well as writing an article about the school outing.

The editor is A. Martin, who also writes the athletics page, and in the front of the magazine is ‘The Editor’s Page’.

Editor's Page Park St magTHE EDITOR’S PAGE – Summer 1938

This issue marks the end of the school year.  If you have kept the previous copies this ‘year’ can soon be revived, and those pleasanter moments re-lived.

And here lies the chief value of our magazine, for we have read of hopes that in many cases have come true.  Think of the sport.  In the first issue the Boxing Page gave hopes of a fine display at the Dome, which ended in us gaining a shield and two championship cups; The swimming review of our second number spoke of our chances at the Swimming Sports, – and the ease with which we won can be read on another page; or again, those faint hopes of success at the Athletic Sports, now show more events won than ever before.

I really do feel after this, that our magazine has become a mascot, – let us hope that our football teams will rise to great heights next term, as a result of the football pages!

Still each issue improves, – as you can judge for yourselves.  a step forward is that all page headings are now printed with out own type.  Also it is very encouraging to receive stories from friends who are interested in our efforts.  Let us hope that this interest will continue, and the magazine thrives.

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