Woodingdean Primary School Magazine – 1968

Woodingdean Primary School was the school I attended from 1963 – 1969, from ages 5 – 11.  I have two of the school magazines, from years 1968 and 1969.  The one dated 1968 is called ‘Echoes From Woodingdean’.  Woodingdean is a suburb of Brighton, situated on the edge of the Downs, stretching almost down to the sea.  I lived with my parents in a small cul-de-sac just off Warren Road, in a 3 bedroom semi-detached house and Woodingdean Primary School was just across the main road.

Front page of Echoes From Woodingdean 1968The magazine is a mix of sports achievements, poetry, stories and outings.  The emphasis seems to be on poetry, with many poems included.  I do have a small article included in this magazine, which I shall write about another time, I was in class 3A at the time.  A lot of the names in the magazine are ones I recognise, which is strange after all this time.  The Headmaster (Major Hagard) wrote a small message on the first page, as did the Year 4 teacher Mr Haslam.  I have a photograph of Major Hagard, which I shall put up here soon. If you would like to imagine what he looks like – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Echoes From Woodingdean page 2HEADMASTER’S MESSAGE

Dear Children and Parents,

Once again it gives me great pleasure to see the ‘Echoes’ being published.  It is a reflection of your thoughts and hard work.  If your article has not been accepted this time – try again.  a happy holiday to you all.


This year we have been able to print articles from over fifty contributors, and we have had many more worthwhile contributions than we have been able to print.

The poetry sent in has been of a particularly high standard and shows a great deal of imagination.  Every year in Brighton there are prizes offered for poems written by children in their last year at a Primary School.  Some of our poems have been entered and we shall await the results with interest.

Travelling from Woodingdean to other Primary Schools to play Football, Cricket and Chess is always a problem, and I would like to thank those parents who help to convey the team to the Away games.

The Editorial Staff have appreciated the assistance they have received from members of the Staff in the production of this Magazine.  This year the Assistant Editor was Rachel Fox.  In the Art Department were Keith Jasper, Nigel Ludlam, Simon White, Janice Packham and Susan Arnold.

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2 Responses to Woodingdean Primary School Magazine – 1968

  1. Sheila Mepham says:

    Hi Jackie
    For some reason I’ve been wandering down memory lane and came across your blog. I’m particularly interested in the nativity photo because I think I’m in it on far left carrying a sheep. Never seen it before. Also the Echoes of Woodingdean is a memory. I think I might have written something in it. Could be wrong!

    I remember you, and I’m in the violin photo too!

    Best wishes

    Sheila Mepham nee Parsons

    • Oh Hello Sheila! I remember you so well, I came to one of your birthday parties – you had an older sister/s and it was such a cool party! I think you are in another photo I have, I’ll post it today! Are you still living locally? Lots of love, Jackie xx

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