School Outing 1938

We have a bright sunny day here in Brighton today, and it reminds me of school outings, the times the whole school would clamber onto a train or coach and head off for the day.  Looking back at my Dad’s school magazine from 1938 I notice he wrote an article about his school outing.  I still feel slightly sad reading this magazine, seeing all the names and remembering Gordon (Dad) was only 14 and his younger brother Ron was 13.  Now we know that World War 2 began the following year, and I can’t help but wonder what became of all the school boys.  I notice all the articles and the sports results are about boys, so am presuming this was a boys school at the time, although I may be wrong.  So here is a photo of my Dad in 1938 and the article he wrote.

Gordon Charles Dinnis 1938School OutingFront Page Park St School mag


Sharp at 10.25 a.m., the special train bearing us to the Morris Motor Works left Brighton station.  We arrived at Oxford at 1.30 p.m. and boarded buses for the Works.  On the drive we passed some of the colleges, over Magdalen Bridge and so to Cowley where the works are situated.

We were divided into parties and for nearly two hours our tour lasted. Every stage in the making of a car was seen, – assembling, painting, testing, besides many other operations.  We stared in amazement to see how easily tyres were fitted to the wheels, or the body put on the chassis.

Unfortunately on the drive to the boat it started to rain, but arriving at Folly Bridge, we went on the steamer, ‘Hampton Court’, and soon forgot the weather by at once having tea.  After this we went on deck and enjoyed a trip down the river for about one and a half miles, passing through several locks.

Then came a walk back to the station, where the train was waiting for us, and a pleasant and interesting day ended with out arrival back in Brighton at 9. 30 p.m.  Thank you Mr. Simmonds for arranging such a fine outing.

Here is a link to a website telling all about Morris Motor Works including the 1930s.

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  1. This is particularly poignant considering that it’s right before the war began. What a lovely treasure, Jackie.

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