Bath Chairs in Hove

I previously wrote a blog post entitled ‘Who Used to Live In My House?  The link is here:

I referred to the website ‘My House My Street’, which is a Brighton and Hove based site listing who lived in various houses during certain years and their occupations.  You can find it here:

My first home was in Lower Market Street, Hove, and I discovered that in 1871 eight residents were listed: Joseph Jones, a milkman, his wife and three children also three boarders one of which was John Uins, aged 72 and described as a Bath Chair Man.  I had no idea what this could be, and thankfully someone came to my aid. A comment was left by Jemma Hayward to say she had been interested enough to goodle ‘Bath Chairs’, and had found a photo here:

Browsing my local library I found a book by Judy Middleton, ‘Hove in Old Picture Postcards’ which contains this picture and the following words:

bath chair“A close-up of what a typical bath chair looked like and there were many of them in use at Hove.  They could be pulled from the front or they could be pushed from behind with the occupant doing the steering.  There were recognised sites where the bath chairs and their attendants waited for custom – just like a taxi rank.  In the background looms Queen’s Gardens.  Reuben Sassoon lived at 7 Queen’s Gardens and his brother Arthur had a house at King’s Gardens further to the west.  The Sassoons were friends of the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII) and Reuben once accompanied the Prince on a trip abroad where they both went on diets and had mud baths at Marienbad.  Reuben was fond of cigars and was said to have an assortment of 3,000 Havanas at Queen’s Gardens.  When George V was crowned in 1911 a patriotic display was put on at Reuben’s house and six arches were outlined with red, white and blue electric light bulbs.”

Judy has an excellent blog for anyone interested in Old Brighton, Hove and surrounding areas:

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2 Responses to Bath Chairs in Hove

  1. Emma Hull says:

    They look a bit like pushchairs but for adults!

  2. Sue says:

    My great grandfather was a bath chairman in Hove – I assume he must have worked for someone because the properties he lived in wouldn’t have anywhere to keep them. I don’t know where to look to find out about this, I only have it as an occupation in a couple of documents.

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