Park Street School Magazine Cricket & Football News

Here is some further Sports News from the summer 1938 edition of the Park Street School Magazine.  My father Gordon Charles Dinnis and his brother Ronald Stanley Dinnis were both pupils of the school this year and keenly involved in sport.

Park Street school mag; cricket, footballGordon Charles Dinnis 1938CRICKET by K. BUDLEIGH

Summer having set in with unusual severity, I was prevented by the [ague?] from attending the earlier matches of the season, but thanks to the interest of Mr. Martin we were able to fulfil all our obligations.

As in past seasons, our bowling and fielding were excellent, but our batting was weak, though not so weak as it has been.

G. Dinnis, Long, Turner and Boxell have made fine catches – some of them being the sort that scorch the palms.

Norman made a useful 19 against Moulescoombe, Long scored 13 against Coombe Rd, and Boxell made a welcome 12 not out against St. Luke’s.

In the bowling R. Dinnis heads the list with 5 for 2 runs against St Luke’s, whist Long secured 4 wickets for 9 in the same match.  Against Patcham G. Dinnis took 6 for 4 and Montgomery 4 for 7 runs.

The matches gave the following results.

Stanford Rd 65       Park St 23

Moulescoombe 65 Park St 30

Coombe Rd 31        Park St 28

Whitehawk 100-8  Park St 51

Patcham 11              Park St 31

St John Bapt. 21     Park St 26

St Luke’s 29             Park St 34


To many of us the end of the summer holiday comes as a shock, but our return to school is brightened, because that time is the beginning of the Football Season.

Our prospects for the First Eleven are bright, because of the large number of boys who seem to have equal chances.  There should be keen competition for a place in that team.

The Second Eleven will necessarily come mainly from the present Form 1. this Form has many boys who have shown keenness with regard to other games.  Their efforts at football have yet to be seen.

Of last season’s footballers, the following have had some success at other sports:-

Swimming.  Yallop, White, Hall.

Athletics. Montgomery, Dinnis, White, Sheppard, Catt, Waite.

Cricket.  Montgomery, Yallop, Dinnis, Long, Donno.

Boxing. Pither, Long, Kirby.

The enthusiasm and training which these boys have kept up at other games, should show itself when football matches begin.  there are others who have been successful at these sports, who should come forward and perhaps surprise us all by their worth as footballers.

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