John Dinnis during the 1870s

John Dinnis had moved from Brighton to Islington in London since the 1861 England Census. I don’t know why he and the family moved, but in the England Census of 1871 his address is 24 Parkfield Street. He is still a Cook, his wife Charlotte is now 62, while John is 55.
His family have grown and some have moved on. Daughter Fanny is still living at home, she is now 25 and a Milliner. Charlotte H. is also living at home, aged 20 and is a Telegraph Clerk, while 17 year old George is also a Cook.

That leaves three of the children: John Henry, Catherine Ann and Harry. I haven’t yet found John Henry in 1871, although I do know that he married Jane Catherine Evans in July 1877, and then he died later that year. I am still looking into his story and will hopefully be back later with more information.
Catherine married Abraham Robarts in 1862, and went on to have many, many children! They were living in Biggleswade in Bedfordshire in 1871. I shall write about them, also at a later date, otherwise I confuse myself by writing about too many families at once! It doesn’t help that there are so many Charlottes and Catherines, Harrys and Henrys.
Harry was 23 in 1871 and he was still in Brighton, I found him in the England Census! He was boarding at 30 clifton Street and working as a General Printer. Clifton Street is close to Brighton Railway Station, and is also just one street away from Buckingham Road – where I was born!

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