Autographs – School visitors

When I was at primary school, aged between 7 and 11, we would sometimes get famous people visiting our school  (Woodingdean Primary School).  This proved an ideal opportunity to collect more autographs. First up is Chris Carter, and I remember him giving a talk in the school hall.  It was very exciting seeing him, he had taken part in the Tokyo Olympics in 1964, making the semi-finals of the 800 metres.  He was quite an idol to all us children and we enjoyed listening to him and being able to get his autograph.  He was a policeman I recall, and was nicknamed ‘The Running Policeman’.

Chris Carter

Chris Carter

Another addition to my collection was the M.P. for Wimbledon, Cyril Black.  I don’t exactly remember seeing him, it could have been at school or at church.  He was a prominent member of the Baptist denomination, and I was attending a Baptist Church at the time.  He was the M.P. for Wimbledon from 1950 until he retired in 1970.

Cyril Black MP

Cyril Black MP

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2 Responses to Autographs – School visitors

  1. sugarbeechronicles says:

    Great blog; I sure wish I kept my autograph book from the 8th grade, but I do have the one from high school. Your blog brought back good memories… ~Susan. 🙂

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