Brighton Chapel Royal and the Dinnis family

John and Charlotte (Robinson) Dinnis went on to have a further six children after the birth of Catherine Ann.  We know that Catherine Ann was baptised at St Nicholas Church in Brighton, and now we know the rest of the children were baptised at the Brighton Chapel Royal, North Street.  Both churches are still in use today, the Chapel Royal has a website containing many photographs and information about the history of the building.

Brighton Chapel Royal

Brighton Chapel Royal

While the family were living in Middle Street, Brighton they had a further three children.  The children baptised here were:

John Henry Dinnis  22 November 1843

Fanny Dinnis 18 February 1846

Harry Dinnis 21 January 1848

Their father, John Dinnis was working as a Cook.  This information comes from the Sussex Family History Group Data Archive at:

According to the Chapel Royal website, the foundation stone was laid by The Prince Regent in 1793 and opened two years later.  It was a Chapel of Ease to St Nicholas, as the old Parish church was unable to accommodate Brighton’s growing population.  As the Regency period came to an end the town centre became inhabited by poorer people, and the ministry of the Chapel Royal became more concerned with the problems of poverty and deprivation.  This was during the ministry of the Reverand Thomas Trocke 1834 – 1875 which was the time the Dinnis children were baptised there.

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  1. What a great integration of personal and public information.

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