The Top 25 First Names for Boys in Brighton & Hove – 1929

1 John

2 Peter

3 Ronald

4 Dennis/Denis

5 Kenneth and William

7 George

8 David

9 Leslie

10 Roy

11 Raymond and Robert

13 Arthur, Derek and Reginald

16 James

17 Edward

18 Albert and Donald

20 Charles, Frederick and Leonard

23 Gordon

24 Michael

15 Brian

I got this information from a library book this week.  It’s called ‘The First Names of Brighton and Hove 1909 – 1999’ by Carol O’Neal. It was published in 2003 by Taurean Press in Southwick.  I love lists, and I picked 1929 as the year closest to my father and his brothers births (although they didn’t come to live in Brighton until the mid to late 1930s).

It also gives information and stats on the names.  This particular year names based on original Celtic or Gaelic words were increasing and included some of the year’s fastest  rising names, one of which was Gordon – my fathers name.  This was placed at 23rd and was to be the high point for the name Gordon.  It was also the final appearance in the Top 25 for Charles (my fathers middle name) until 1999.

The top boys initial this year was ‘R’, with Ronald being third (my father’s younger brothers name).  Dennis was 4th, a rise from 40th place ten years previously, and I am so glad my grandparents resisted the opportunity to have a Dennis Dinnis!

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