Most popular names today – 2013

After writing my last two blog posts about the most popular first names in Brighton and Hove in years gone by, I noticed the latest league table of first names in England and Wales was published today and thought it might be a good idea to post the link here:–Muhammad-takes-number-spot.html

Harry is number 1 in the male name list, and in 1909 in Brighton and Hove it was 12th!  Harry dropped down to 25th ten years later in 1919 and was not in the Top 25 for the rest of this particular book in 1999 (The First Names of Brighton and Hove 1909 – 1999)

Amelia only features in the Brighton and Hove list of 1999 at 16th.


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  1. I know somewhat different names are popular in the UK than in the US. I don’t know if people name their babies Eleanor in England, but I haven’t heard of any here–and yet the young girl in the new TV show “Under the Dome” is named Eleanor and I was thinking that name might now get a resurgence because of the show. Also, the character’s mother is Alice and I think that name might slightly be coming back. Pretty names that very few people had when I was growing up.

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