The Top 25 Girls Names in Brighton & Hove – 1959

1 Susan

2 Julie/Juli

3 Linda/Lynda

4 Jane/Jayne

5 Karen/Caren/Caron

6 Carol/Carole


8 Deborah

9 Kim

10 Sharon/Sharron

11 Christine/Kristine

12 Lesley

13 Tina

14 Angela


16 Debra

17 Amanda



20 Sandra

21 Beverley/Beverly






This information comes from the book by Carol O’Neal ‘The First Names of Brighton & Hove 1909 – 1999’.  I chose 1959 as it is the year closest to the year of my birth.  I’m delighted to see my name ‘Jacqueline’ made it in at number 6.  I expect my cousin, Sue, is equally delighted to have the most popular first name at the time.

There are some other interesting facts in the book:

The top girls’ initial was ‘J’ for the fourth consecutive time.

Sharon appears to have been particularly popular in Brighton, compared to other seaside towns.

There was a new fashion for using ‘i’ instead of ‘y’ as the last letter of a name.  Brighton babies included Trudi, Juli, Vicki, Peri, Terri and Toni.

The first hyphenated names appeared this year with Jo-Ann and Rose-Marie.

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2 Responses to The Top 25 Girls Names in Brighton & Hove – 1959

  1. Sue Woodland says:

    I’m delighted to be top of the list! In the early 1970’s when I was helping out at a Brownie Pack, in addition to myself there were 6 Brownies called Susan. This was in a Pack of 24, so a quarter of them had the same name. Confusing or what?!

    • Six Susans – wow! There were always several Jackies at school, and we all spelt it the same way. It is only more recently you seem to get Jacqui, Jacky or Jakki etc. I must look at the 1980s, I bet Emma is right up there!

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