Hove Lagoon (part 1)

There is a lovely play park in Hove, right next to the beach, called Hove Lagoon. I remember going there as a child, and later taking my children along when we lived really close to it. I assumed it had always been there, but on looking through some old books I discovered this not to be the case.

Hove Lagoon was created in the 1930s. In the book ‘Hove in Old Picture Postcards’ there is a picture of the site of the Lagoon taken in about 1908. There is some information in the book (Judy Middleton) which tells how the water is a tidal reach, and reminding us how the movements of the river Adur dominated this area for centuries.

Site of Hove Lagoon 1908

Site of Hove Lagoon 1908

In the 14th century the river Adur entered the sea at Aldrington with the outlet staying there for over two hundred years. Then it began to silt up and the river mouth began a westward drift. In the 1930s Hove lagoon was created on the site shown in the above photograph.

Hove LagoonWork was started on the Lagoon in 1921 and continued for two seasons, providing  work for unemployed men. Work stopped in 1923 when the Unemployed Grants Committee refused to sanction more work on the project. The Lagoon as we know it did not take shape until 1930.  Here are some more photographs of Hove Lagoon in it’s early days.

Hove Lagoon and Cafe

Hove Lagoon and Cafe

Hove Lagoon 5 - Copy

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3 Responses to Hove Lagoon (part 1)

  1. paulaacton says:

    Does it still exist or have health and safety invaded and made it a little less exciting

    • Oh it’s there still, not at all the same, it’s been updated to go with the times and I believe there’s a skateboard park there too. It’s so good to see it adapted for today’s kids. I don’t go there anymore since my children got so grown up! I miss going to the park! I should take a trip there with my camera to record what it’s like now. Are you still allowed to take photo’s of a children’s park these days? I hope so!

      • paulaacton says:

        borrow a child to take with you lol I take lots of photos but a very wary of photographing individuals but general shots I don’t think there is a problem with

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