Catherine Ann Dinnis – A little bit more! Links between Brighton and Bedfordshire.

I love this family history stuff, just when you think you’ve tied up all the loose ends about a family member a little bit more information turns up!  I guess you can never really say you’ve finished! I still get excited when this happens, and this is what landed on my doorstep this morning:

Townsfolk of Biggleswade Volume 4, published by Biggleswade History Society

Townsfolk of Biggleswade Volume 4, published by Biggleswade History Society

It confirms that Catherine Ann Dinnis’s husband, Abraham Robarts, was a Master Butcher in the High Street and then Stratton Street in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire around 1841 – 1891. I was especially delighted that this publication contained a picture of the shop under the name Walter Robarts – Abraham’s older brother.

W. Robarts, Biggleswade

W. Robarts, Biggleswade

There is a little more information given as well. 77 High Street (1 Stratton Street) Walter Robarts was a butcher and grocer between at least 1841 and 1851. He employed his brother Abraham, also a Master Butcher. Joseph Crouch was the butcher at 50 High Street in 1851, Abraham Robarts had moved from 77 High Street by 1861. He retired in 1898.

The information I have from England Census’s shows Abraham married Catherine Ann Dinnis on the 29th January 1862, and she lived with him in Stratton Street, Biggleswade until his retirement when they moved to Tulse Hill, Lambeth in London. Back in the 1860s it must have seemed to Catherine as though she was  moving a long way away from home. My daughter moved from Brighton to Bedfordshire a few years ago, luckily with transport links of today she doesn’t feel too far away and we can visit often!

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2 Responses to Catherine Ann Dinnis – A little bit more! Links between Brighton and Bedfordshire.

  1. How great to find the picture of the shop! So true that a little bit more info always comes our way . . . .

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