‘Your Family Tree’ published my article

I love writing, and spend a lot of my time trying to improve it. Many years ago, in another life, I used to write a lot. Mainly about football, I loved writing for football fanzines.

Recently I wondered if I could still do it – write and get published in a magazine. My writing these days is mainly concerned with my family history, so I decided to pick on one story from my family’s past and pitch it to a Family Tree magazine. I tried ‘Your Family Tree’: http://www.yourfamilytreemag.co.uk/

As luck would have it, they snapped it up, and it was published this week. I was so excited going to the shop, buying it, bringing it home and flicking through it to see what it looked like on the page!

I like it. Here it is: what do you think?

Page 1 Your Family Tree October, Issue 134

Page 1
Your Family Tree
October, Issue 134

Page 2 Your Family Tree October issue 134

Page 2
Your Family Tree
October issue 134

Page 3 Your Family Tree October issue 134

Page 3
Your Family Tree
October issue 134

About Jackie Dinnis

Welcome to my blog where I am enjoying meeting my family - past and present - one at a time. Join me as I learn who my ancestors were, where they lived, what their occupations were and what everyday life was like for them.
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7 Responses to ‘Your Family Tree’ published my article

  1. Jackie, this is fabulous! How exciting! Congratulations :). BTW, it looks gorgeous.

  2. paulaacton says:

    Congratulations 😀

  3. judithhb says:

    What a fabulous result. Congratulations and thanks for following my blog.

  4. Jemma says:

    Hi Jackie! I am desperate to read your article but it is showing up on my screen either too small to read or too large! DO you think you could email me the scanned images instead? My email is: jemmahayward(a)gmail.com
    Thanks so much and a big well done 😀

    • Hi Jemma, I tried emailing the pages as scanned images. I don’t think page 2 worked, but it is only an image so you’ve not missed any of the words! Let me know if you still can’t read it and I’ll send you the article photocopied! 🙂

  5. rose2852 says:

    Fantastic, well done!

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