The Life and Times of Charlotte Harriet Dinnis 1850 – 1935

Charlotte Harriet Dinnis was my great grand-aunt – older sister of George Dinnis, my great-grandfather. She was born in Brighton in 1850, and was baptised at The Chapel Royal, North Street.

Charlotte Harriet Dinnis

Charlotte Harriet Dinnis

The Chapel Royal

The Chapel Royal

About three months before Charlotte Harriet’s birth there had been a very heavy thunderstorm close to where the family lived. So she arrived at a stormy, difficult time for the Dinnis family.

Thunderstorm at Pool Valley 1850

Thunderstorm at Pool Valley 1850

Her father, John Dinnis, was Cook and Publican at The Old Ship Shades in Ship Street, Brighton. Then by the England Census of 1861 the family had moved to Steine Street, where they lived and worked at the Queen’s Head.

By 1871 when she was aged 20, Charlotte was working as a Telegraph Clerk and living in Islington with her parents, sister Fanny and brother George. Ten years later in 1881 Charlotte was aged 30 and still living with her parents, also with Jane Catherine Dinnis – the widow of John Henry Dinnis.

The following year, 1882 Charlotte married Samuel Richard Crocker on May the 20th. They married at the Parish Church in Peckham – St Mary Magdalene. This church was built in 1841, and was destroyed by bomb damage on 21 September, 1940. The old church was not demolished until the late 1950s and a new church was built on the same site in 1962.

Charlotte marries Samuel

St Marys Church, Peckham

St Marys Church, Peckham

We can see from the marriage details above that Samuel Crocker also worked as a Telegraph Clerk, so I’m wondering if perhaps Samuel and Charlotte met at work? In the next post we will take a further look at this possibility and at the married life of the Crockers.

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