The Life and Times of Fanny Dinnis 1846 – 1927

Fanny Dinnis was my great-grand aunt, the sister of my great-grandfather, George Dinnis. Their parents were John Dinnis and Charlotte Robinson. Fanny was born in Brighton in 1846 and baptised at The Chapel Royal in North Street.

The Chapel Royal

The Chapel Royal

At that time the family were living in Middle Street, and John Dinnis was working as a Cook.

Middle Street - more photographs to follow shortly!

Middle Street

They moved to an adjacent street by 1851 and John was working as a Cook and Publican in The Old Ship, Ship Street and later at the Queen’s Head, Steine Street. All these streets are very close to one another and are right beside Brighton beach.

By 1871 Fanny, her sister Charlotte Harriet and their parents had moved to Islington, London. Fanny was 25 years old and working as a Milliner. A Milliner is a person who designs, makes or sells women’s hats.

On December the 9th 1876 Fanny married John William Forbes.

Marriage of Fanny Dinnis to John W. Forbes 9 December 1876

Marriage of Fanny Dinnis to John W. Forbes
9 December 1876

John Forbes worked as a Compositor, which is someone who worked in the publishing industry, setting the type for printing.

Their residences at the time of marriage are given as 39 Albion Grove and 37 Albion Grove, so it seems John married the girl next door!  John’s father was deceased by this time, his occupation is given as a Compositor. John Dinnis, Fanny’s father, is a Cook. The two witnesses are John Henry Dinnis, Fanny’s older brother and Charlotte Harriet Dinnis, her younger sister.

They married in Barnsbury, St Andrew. Here is an aerial view of the church from the website

St Andrews Church in Thornhill Square.

St Andrews Church in Thornhill Square.

More to follow …

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