A hair-raising discovery

Look what I found! It’s my Baby Book, the band at the bottom of the page was put around my tiny wrist when I was born and says ‘Baby Dinnis’.

Story of Our Baby

Story of Our Baby The first 5 years

I carefully opened it, and saw Mum and Dad had filled it in. The first page tells how I was born on Monday May 5th 1958 at 12.30pm. This momentous event occurred at Buckingham Road Maternity Hospital in Brighton.

Arrival of Baby

Arrival of Baby

Next we have some important measurements and identification marks. I weighed in at 7lbs 11oz with fair hair, a fair complexion and blue eyes. I had two birth marks.

The following page tells who sent congratulations to my parents. Mum, Mum & Dad, Bob, Mabel & Dave, Rita & Peter, Nancy, Bert, Susan & Ian, Ron & Margaret, ‘The Aunts’ Olive, Rose, Edie & Grace, Ann, John & Susan, Ray, Keith & Colin and Mr & Mrs Fitchett.

more baby detailsNext up is a page titled ‘Gifts’, and lists all the wonderful presents I received on my birth:



These included: 2 shawls, matinee coats, vests, bootees, bed cover, sheets,  money, sleeping bag, egg cup and spoon, teething ring, bracelet, animals, rattles, frocks, nightees, pillow cases, chair, dolly, cardigan, carry cot, pram covers, bath and shoes. I am presuming the ‘animals’ were soft toys.

Other ‘firsts’ are recorded – I cut my first tooth on the 23rd of September 1958 and took my first steps in April 1959.

The next page is entitled First Haircut.

First Haircut

First Haircut

Tucked safely inside the pages, is a little curl of hair. Imagine that – mum and dad carefully kept my first curl, and it’s still there after all this time.

Baby's Curl

Baby’s Curl

Here I am as a baby!

Here I am as a baby!

About Jackie Dinnis

Welcome to my blog where I am enjoying meeting my family - past and present - one at a time. Join me as I learn who my ancestors were, where they lived, what their occupations were and what everyday life was like for them.
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7 Responses to A hair-raising discovery

  1. Emma Hull says:

    Awww that’s great!

  2. Jackie, what a treasure! I love it. So cute :). What is a matinee coat?

    • Ah, the matinee coat! I don’t think they exist any more, they were a sort of longer version of a knitted cardigan – a tiny knitted coat I suppose! My mum used to knit so much, I probably had a different matinee coat for every day of the week 🙂

  3. gpcox says:

    Yours is adorable. When I found mine, I thought ‘I was such a cute little baby – What the heck HAPPENED!?’lol

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