Life and Times of John Albert Harold Walter Dinnis part 2 1918 – 1945

John AHW Dinnis

John AHW Dinnis

Florence Violet Dinnis (Heard)

Florence Violet Dinnis (Heard)

In the last post we left my grand uncle, John (Jack) AHW Dinnis and Florence Violet Heard marrying in August 1918. It gets more difficult to track them without the help of England Census documents, but there are some London Directories available and these show a little of their whereabouts over the next few years.

At the time of their marriage they were living at 67a Ellerslie Road, Lambeth, and they were still living there in 1924 according to one of the London Directories (below).

London Directory 1924

London Directory 1924

It lists John AHW Dinnis, Florences’s parents Arthur and Frances Heard and a gentleman named Albert Edward Garrard. The name Garrard is familiar as one of the witnesses at their wedding.  The following year, 1925, the residents are the same although a Ruby Blanche Garrard is added to the list. 1926 sees the same configuration of names.

1928 sees John and Florie living at 79 Kellett Road, Norwood, Tulse Hill, London. The next directory is from 1932, with John and Florie living at 65 Ellerslie Road, Lambeth, London. Next door at 67a were Florie’s parents Arthur and Frances Heard and Albert and Ruby Garrard.

There seems to be no mention of any children although it’s possible I just haven’t found any. I’m not sure they would be listed in the London Directories?

The next post will tell of the later part of their lives from 1945 until their deaths in 1970.

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