Life & Times of John Albert HW Dinnis part 3

This will be the final part of the posts regarding John Albert Harold Walter Dinnis. In the previous post we left John and Florence in 1932, living in Ellerslie Road.

The next information I have been able to find is from a London Directory for 1945. This was of course the year World War 2 ended and London had been bombed many times. Although I already knew this, somehow imagining my grand-uncle and his wife actually there at the time just makes it more real.

The Directory for 1945 shows John and Florence living with her father, Arthur Heard, at 208 Acre Lane, Lambeth, Brixton, London.

Looking on some websites I found these photographs and images. The first link takes you to a recently written song about the street they were living in ‘Acre Lane’.

London Directory  208 Acre Lane 1945

London Directory
208 Acre Lane 1945

Ellerslie Square, Brixton 1944

Ellerslie Square, Brixton 1944  John and Florence had lived in Ellerslie Road until at least 1932

28 June 1944 Acre Lane in Brixton was hit by a 'doodlebug' flying bomb. There were 72 fatalities.

28 June 1944 Acre Lane in Brixton was hit by a ‘doodlebug’ flying bomb. There were 72 fatalities. John and Florence lived here from 1945, possibly earlier.

Here is a link to the website, which gives more detailed information on the area at this time:


I think the most shocking image I found was this one, each red dot showing where a bomb had fallen. It states the total number of bombs dropped from 7th October 1940 to 6th June 1941 in Lambeth was 1,215.

1366In 1947, the Directory lists John and Florence still living at 208 Acre Lane, there is no more mention of Florence’s father. They continue living here until at least 1964. I can find no more information about them until their deaths in 1970, John in the first quarter of the year and Florence in the second quarter. I was born in 1958 and knew nothing about this part of my family. Looking back now, I would love to have met John and Florence and to have heard their story told by them.

Rest in Peace dear John Albert Harold Walter Dinnis and Florence Violet Dinnis.

John Albert Harold Walter with his wife Florie Dinnis in 1916

John Albert Harold Walter Dinnis and  Florence Violet Heard  in 1916

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  1. That red bomb image looks like a disease. How horrible!!

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