Daughters of Dummer

As this is my first post since before Christmas I would like to begin by wishing everyone a very, very Happy New Year and I hope 2014 will be a peaceful, fulfilling and gentle year and that it will bring you all that you hope for.

This is the introductory post to my new search, which concerns my paternal grandmother and her family. This will be a short post, telling a little about the people and places that I shall be writing about over the next few months.

Annie Cleeve was my grandmother, my father’s mother. He was very close to his mother. She had four sisters (or so I thought) and they all grew up together in a small country village called Dummer, in Hampshire.



Hampshire is on the south coast of England, the county to the west of East and West Sussex, where I live. Dummer is to the north of Hampshire, not on the coastline, and is more of a rural, agricultural small village. It is located six miles south-west of Basingstoke, which is the nearest large town. Dummer is still very small, in 2001 it had a population of just 643, and the village had 127 dwellings in 2013.

Annie Cleeve was born in 1892, she had an elder sister, Edith who was born in 1886. I also knew she had three other sisters: Rose (1895), Olive (1898) and Grace (1900). Their parents were Charles Cleeve and Agnes Maffey.

Here are photographs of the sisters:

Edith Cleeve

Edith Cleeve

Annie Cleeve

Annie Cleeve

Rose Cleeve (left) and Olive Cleeve

Rose Cleeve (left) and Olive Cleeve

Grace Cleeve

Grace Cleeve

Their father, Charles, was an Agricultural Labourer, which was a popular occupation at that time in Dummer. It’s always difficult to know where to begin when looking at a new branch of the family, so I thought I’d start with my grandmother and her sisters. I’ll begin by introducing her elder sister, Edith. My next post will be focussing on Edith and beginning to tell about her life and times and what life was like for her.






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2 Responses to Daughters of Dummer

  1. Liz Wallis-Long says:

    Hi, I lived in Dummer from the age of about 2 until 19 (1951 – 1968) and I can remember a Miss Cleeve (Olive??) who lived up at Tower Hill. When I was about 13 I did some voluntary work (was working towards a volunteer badge with St John’s Nurses) and I got her wood & coal in every day during the Christmas school holidays and checked she was OK. I remember my mother telling me she was very ill not that long after that (may be cancer) and then she passed away. I came across your photos as I did a google image search for Dummer and you can see my old home in one of your photos (not that it looked like that when we lived there) – the large house behind what looks like a wall/hedge opposite the thatched cottages. I live in Perth, Western Australia now. Anyway thought you would like to have this information however minor. Best regards, Liz Wallis-Long (lwallislong02@gmail.com)

    • Hi Liz, thank you so much for this, I’m so sorry I haven’t replied before now but I’ve had so much trouble with my internet connection and haven’t been online in January. My son has now sorted me out! So interesting to hear about your connections with Dummer and the Cleeves, I’m not sure if my Olive Cleeve is the same as the one you mention? My Olive died in June 1979, so not sure the dates add up? Although Tower Hill does ring a bell, so I’ll go back and take another look and ask my cousin Sue. So glad you recognised your old home in one of the postcard images, hope it brought back happy memories. Thanks again, and I’ll be back with more news soon! From looking at the census documents I do know there were a lot of Cleeves in Dummer at that time! All the best, Jackie

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