Edith Cleeve – the early years

Edith was the eldest of the Cleeve sisters, born on the 29th of March 1886 in the small village of Dummer, Hampshire.

Dummer, Hampshire

Dummer, Hampshire

The next information comes from the 1891 England Census, when Edith is five years old. She is living with her parents Charles Cleeve, aged 39 and working as an Agricultural Labourer and Agnes Maffey, 29. They are living at Tower Hill, Dummer, and there is another person on the Census – Kate Cleeve, aged eight months old. When we began looking into the Cleeve family history we didn’t know about Kate, even though she was my grandmother’s (Annie Cleeve) older sister.

From looking at their neighbours it is possible to build up a picture of life in Dummer, which seems to have been very agricultural. They include Carters on a farm, Blacksmiths, Farm Labourers and more Agricultural Labourers. A Carter was someone who carries or conveys goods in a horse-drawn cart usually moving hay or similar crops.

Edith Cleeve

Edith Cleeve

Because Dummer is so small it is hard to find information about it. It is still there, I have traced the website for the Dummer Parish Council http://www.dummer.hampshire.org.uk/ One of the councillors lives at Tower Hill Cottages, which I presume to be near Tower Hill, where the Cleeve family lived in 1891. There is a link to a map on the website, and the map shows Tower Hill. It is on the left of the map shown below.

Section of Dummer map

Section of Dummer map

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