70s Saturday – my first job

70s Saturday

My Saturday’s back in 1974 were spent working for four hours at the International Stores – a supermarket in Western Road, Brighton.

Western Road Brighton, from the book 'Steets of Brighton'.

Western Road Brighton, from the book ‘Streets of Brighton’.

I worked from 10am until 2pm for £1.00. My best friend Cathie worked there with me, she lived a few doors away from me and we would get the bus together every Saturday morning. This made it much like every week day, when we got the school bus together!

I remember enjoying having my own money to spend, and I enjoyed the work too. It was a large supermarket then, but would be considered small by today’s standards. My job was to fill the shelves, and I was shown how to get myself some cardboard and write a list of what was getting empty on the shelves. Then I would go to the warehouse, fill my trolley with boxes, go back to the shop, price every item and stack the shelves. That was another big difference back then, there was no electronic scanning, every item had to have a price on it. There were two ways of doing this, there was a ticket machine which despatched paper price tickets, or ink stamps which you inked up and stamped on the tin lids.

Looking at my diary for this week in January I noted that I dropped a jar of jam and broke it. This quite upset me, as I wasn’t sure what to do, but I wrote how one of the other workers helped me clear it up and put a plaster on my hand where I had cut it. A broken jar of jam doesn’t seem a lot to be worried about these days!

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2 Responses to 70s Saturday – my first job

  1. Ah, those were the days! I think I made $1.75 an hour in 1973, but before that I worked for my dad’s business for much less ;).

  2. I used to work at International Stores too. I was on the deli counter. I remember spending most of my time ink stamping prices with the rubber stamps on sticks. It was ok until you put on the wrong price!

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