School Reunions – would you?

Recently, on Facebook I joined a page for my senior school. Now I find my ‘year’ has organised a reunion in August. I could easily get there. It is 45 years since we began our journey, aged 11. Now, I’m just considering whether to go – or not. What would you do? If you would go – why?

It’s in Brighton, at the Marina for those who know it. And it’s just a ‘drop in for as long as you want to’ event, so easy enough for me to get to, and I’ve had some private messages suggesting people actually want me to go! I am amazed at this, because I find it hard to believe anyone actually remembers me, and very hard to believe it matters to someone if I’m there or not.

I guess because I’m asking this, I want encouragement to get there. But why? I only had one ‘friend’ at that school, and I still see her regularly, we’re best friends. She won’t come, it’s her ‘worst nightmare’.  But I’m just curious … and I’m wondering why?

What do you think? Have you been to a school reunion? If it’s just a time to show off, I’m not interested. But it it’s not that, then why go? What will we spend the time talking about?


let me know what you think. Is it a good idea to go?

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Welcome to my blog where I am enjoying meeting my family - past and present - one at a time. Join me as I learn who my ancestors were, where they lived, what their occupations were and what everyday life was like for them.
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5 Responses to School Reunions – would you?

  1. I would go. In fact I am going to the Centenary event of my senior school in Guildford being held in July. I do hope you decide to go and share your experiences.

  2. I probably wouldn’t go, but that’s me. I have one good friend from my class but most of other old friends were from the class behind me. We have more quality time meeting one on one, instead of an awkward social meeting.

  3. villasuku says:

    Over the years I have Reunited, Facebooked, Tweeted and Googled old friends and acquaintances from school/university days with mixed results. Often, the only thing I still have in common with them is the fact that we attended the same institution. After the initial “Hello! How are you? What are you up to?” it can get a little awkward.

    So, would I go to a reunion? Probably not, although morbid curiosity might win the day…especially if it was taking place on the doorstep and it was an informal drop-in. I would also need to be certain that there would be a few friendly faces attending – just in case I needed moral support.

    Hope this helps Jackie – it’s a tough one! If you do go…be MARVELLOUS darling.

  4. Maryann Barnes says:

    I think you should go! You are curious and enjoy writing, and this will give you lots of fodder. All of these schoolmates have family, and most likely some also love family history and genealogy. I went to one about ten years ago and enjoyed it. We were all crazy 70s kids, and we all took different paths. You may find the same vibe.
    You will talk about the teachers, and sadly you will talk about classmates that have died. You will remember shops you used to frequent and town characters.
    Private message one of those reaching out and ask them to help you over the hump. Take a camera and take lots of photos. If you are feeling shy the camera will help. Or take pictures with your cell/mobile phone. Then you can share them with your friend. And share with us!
    Good luck Jackie!

  5. Neil Truelove says:

    I was dubious too but after the event I can tell you that it was fun and I enjoyed it more than I expected, although curiously I was the only one who took my partner (apart from those couples where both went to the school ie. Woolvens and Haywoods). Not sure why but I had assumed that partners would come with, and I’m not sure why none did. It was very relaxed and was fun reminiscing and catching up on who’s doing what and despite my fears it wasn’t about showing off or keeping up with the Joneses. Having said that I haven’t enthusiastically embraced the idea of an annual event as some have. I would like to keep in touch with some if not most but I can do that via Facebook and can arrange to see those with whom there is a mutual desire to do so. On balance I don’t think it need hold any dread for anyone and at worse it’s an afternoon wasted. It may even exorcise any lingering childhood feelings. Time is a great equaliser and everyone present had normalised to some sort of consistency.

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