The Life and Times of my Great Grand Aunt Fanny (1)

Fanny Dinnis (Forbes) and Edith Forbes 1878

Fanny Dinnis (Forbes) and Edith Forbes 1878

A few days ago I made contact with some American third cousins once removed, another branch of the Dinnis family. This has been so exciting and is what makes my ancestry search so enjoyable. I was also astounded to receive the above image, showing Fanny Dinnis with her daughter, Edith. To actually ‘see’ my great grand aunt makes her much more of a real person to me and I am now looking forward to finding out more about her life.

I have written previously about Fanny and her family as she was born and grew up in Brighton, England but thought I would recap her early history. I still get very confused about the members of such large families, and writing about it makes it clearer for me to understand!

Another image I received this week was this copy of Fanny’s birth certificate.

Birth certificate of Fanny Dinnis

Birth certificate of Fanny Dinnis

This confirms she was born on 17th January 1846, the daughter of John Dinnis and Charlotte Dinnis (Sampson). she had an elder sister, Catherine Ann (1837) and a brother John Henry (1843). The family lived at 2 Middle Street, Brighton and her father worked as a Cook at the Old Ship Hotel. Her birth was registered on 12 February 1846.

She was baptised at Brighton Chapel Royal on 18th February 1846, this information is from the Sussex Family History Group data, and their address is confirmed by

The Old Ship Hotel

The Old Ship Hotel

Middle Street

Middle Street leading down to Brighton beach

The Chapel Royal

The Chapel Royal


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