The life and times of my great grand-aunt Fanny (4)

I have had trouble confirming some of the information in this post. I am hoping that in a few months time my American cousins may find some death certificates and then we will know for sure. I will try to say exactly what leads me to my conclusions here.

The England census of 1891 has no mention of John Dinnis Hamilton Forbes or Ethel Lilian Forbes. On looking through various Birth and Death Indexes I found one that lists the death of ‘Ethel Lilian Forbes’ in Greenwich aged 7, in the months of either April, May or June 1889. This fits with the name and age. I then found another list for deaths in Greenwich, in October, November or December 1889 of ‘John Forbes’ age 10. This fits with name and age, and is the same place as Ethel Lilian Forbes death. This is all I have to go on at the moment, but will hopefully be returning to it in some months time.

The England Census of 1891 shows the following:

England Census 1891 for John William Forbes and Fanny Forbes

England Census 1891 for John William Forbes and Fanny Forbes

It shows the residents in Peckham, London as John W. Forbes and Fanny Forbes, both aged 44, Edith Forbes their daughter aged 13 and a scholar. Also living with them is John Dinnis, Fanny’s father, aged 70. His wife, Charlotte had died in 1886.

When I first saw this, I thought Fanny was looking after her father, but perhaps he was also looking after her in the light of the previous news of the deaths of her two little children.

John Dinnis died in 1894, which perhaps led to the next huge step in the life of the Forbes/ Dinnis family. I will write about that tomorrow.

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