The Final Part of the Life and Times of Fanny Dinnis

The final part of Fanny Dinnis’s life was spent in New York and in Glencoe, Cook, Illinois. From the New York State Census of 1925 we know Fanny was aged 79 and living with her daughter, Edith Beatrice, son-in-law Alexander Saunders, two of their children (Alexander and Irma) daughter-in-law Lorna and grandson, Alex Saunders, age 2.

Alexander, the head of the family was aged 60, his son Alexander, 23, and both list their occupation as Insurance Agents.

Fanny’s death is listed in the Illinois Death Index on 19 February 1930, she would have been 84. The burial took place in Evanston, Cook, Illinois on 21 February 1930. It also mentions Fanny had been a resident in the city where her death occured (Glencoe, Illinois) for 3 months 19 days.

This is all the information I have at the moment, but in the following months I am sure to have some added sources which I will update.

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3 Responses to The Final Part of the Life and Times of Fanny Dinnis

  1. Mary Cundiff says:

    oh I have so much to say in this comment. first, I am interested in the third child as it is and Alexander. as far as I know I’ve never heard of him. We have lots of pictures of Alex and Irma when they were children but none of a third child. I will have to look into that.

    Second, by 1929 my grandfather Alex was divorced from Lorna and married to my grandmother Elizabeth (Betty) Clare Romer. they were living in Wisconsin. my mother Edith Elizabeth Saunders was born November 14th 1929 in Cook County Hospital….I was always told that my grandparents were going to visit fanny and my grandmother went into labor and that’s why my mother born in Illinois.

    WellJackie…this is all I have time for right now but we will be in touch.
    much love from your cousin Mary

    • Mary Cundiff says:

      *what it is supposed to say is that I’m interested in the third child of Alexander and Edith

    • Hi Mary, according to the New York Death Index, the third child (Louis E Saunders) died aged 5 on 29 January 1913, in Bronx, New York. Which ties in with the information from the 1910 United States Federal Census for Bronx, New York, which has Louis aged about one. Maybe when you start looking through your boxes of certificates you’ll find the death certificate for little Louis? Please keep me in touch! So much to talk about, but we have lots of time! Much love from your cousin Jackie x

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