My ancestors in the news – Grace Cleeve



My grand-aunt, Grace Cleeve was once involved in an accident which became the subject of a newspaper article. It sounds serious but I never remember hearing about it from my father or his family. I believe she fully recovered from this incident, but she must have been very badly shaken up.

newspaper report of cycling accident

newspaper report of cycling accident

Grace Cleeve 1918

Grace Cleeve 1918

Accident to Cyclists

On Sunday evening a collision took place at the junction of the Dummer road with the Winchester main road near Ganderdown between a motor car and two bicycles. The car was being driven in the direction of Winchester by John Samuel Hammett, who is in the employ of Messrs. Macdonald, Gibbs and Co., of Capel House, 54 New Broad Street, London E.C,. who was taking it to the United States Army Hospital at Hursley near Winchester.  As he approached the cross roads two young women were cycling from Dummer towards the cross roads, namely, Grace Cleeve, of The Court, Dummer, who was followed by Olive Hilda Wilmot, a domestic servant residing with her parents in the village. On seeing the cyclists about to come out into the main road the driver took his car over to the offside of the road and there the collision took place, both young women being thrown from their machines and severely injured. The cycle ridden by Miss Cleeve was completely smashed, but her companion’s cycle was not damaged at all. P. Sergt. Ayres subsequently traced the wheels of the car and ascertained that from the spot where the car commenced to veer towards the off side to the spot where the collision took place the distance was 4 feet. Further back for a considerable distance the near wheels of the car appeared to have been travelling about 7 feet from the near side of the road, which is 17 feet wide.



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