An Archdeacon in the Family

One of the main things I love about is the feature that enables you to post your family tree online and then to make contact with people searching for the same people you’re looking for. I contacted someone who had downloaded photos I posted on my family tree.

The latest family member I found is Elwin Cockett, who is the current Archdeacon of West Ham. He has a blog here:  We share gg grandparents and Elwin is a relation on my mother’s birth family side. Our great grandfathers were brothers.

May Annie Doris Cockett known as Queenie my maternal grandmother

May Annie Doris Cockett
known as Queenie
my maternal grandmother

I am always delighted to make contact with any family, especially where I see some connection with my recent findings. Therefore it delighted me to see Elwin’s connection with West Ham, when I knew from my mother’s birth certificate that she was born in West Ham. I am still very much on the trail of her early life in the hope of finding who her father was.

When I mentioned this to Elwin he asked me to send him the name of the street she had been born in (as recorded on her birth certificate) because he would be sure to know it.

Enid May Dinnis 1927 - 2000

Enid May Dinnis
1927 – 2000

The address given is Cambridge Park, West Ham (also listed under Wanstead and Walthamstow) and Elwin does indeed know the area very well.  He talks of a Catholic church in that road, also a convent and says it would not be surprising to find there had been a place there for unmarried mothers to give birth. It is also not far from Chestnut Avenue (the address of Queenie and her parents family) as Elwin says ‘close enough to get to easily but far enough away to be discrete’.

So, my next job is to try to find this church, trace a website maybe and see if there is any information there. Of course it may not be my mother’s birth place, but researching and tracking these leads is all that is left to me at this time.

Another unrelated link is my paternal gg grandfather, John Dinnis who died in West Ham!







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