A Peaceful Day in Brighton and Hove

In my last post I showed you this photograph, and left you wondering where it was taken.

9 June 1935 Jack, annie, ron, Joseph, Gordon, Nancy (2)

I have some more photographs taken on the same day, which shows the Dinnis and Cleeve families having a lovely day out together.

9 June 1935 Left to right: Jack, Annie, Ron, Joseph, Gordon and Nancy

9 June 1935
Left to right: Jack, Annie, Ron, Joseph, Gordon and Nancy

In this photo the family are all lined up, looking very smart. In the background to the right of Nancy’s head we can see the Peace Statue, which is situated on the border of Brighton and Hove seafront. The plaque states:

“In the year 1912 the inhabitants of Brighton and Hove provided a home for the Queen’s nurses and erected this monument in memory of King Edward VII and as a testimony of their enduring loyalty.”

9 June 1935 Nancy and Jack (back) Ron and Gordon (front)

9 June 1935
Nancy and Jack (back) Ron and Gordon (front)

Here we can see the Dinnis children, looking really smart, and enjoying the Brighton seafront and summer day. I thought how well dressed they were, almost as if they were in their Sunday best clothes. And upon investigation – the 9th June 1935 was indeed a Sunday!

It’s nice to see the two younger brothers, Ron and Gordon looking immaculate. I wonder how long they managed to stay looking like that before the inevitable game of football started up and the socks fell down and the shirt collars wrinkled!


9 June 1935 Brighton and Hove Back row, left to right, Gordon, Ron, Jack and Nancy. Front row, left to right,  Joseph, Ernest, Dora, Annie and Edith.

9 June 1935
Brighton and Hove
Back row, left to right, Gordon, Ron, Jack and Nancy.
Front row, left to right,
Joseph, Ernest, Annie, Dora and Edith.

In this photo from the same day we can see it had been an extended family day out. Annie and Joseph Dinnis and their four children spent the day with Annie’s sister, Edith Doswell, her husband Ernest and their daughter, Dora. What a lovely time they must have had, although I would guess the Dinnis children had to be on their best behaviour.

This photo was taken at the foot of the Peace Statue, which still looks the same now as we can see here. The railing they are sitting on is the same today.

The Peace Statue

The Peace Statue

Holiday with Emma 018I am so glad to be able to see these lovely old photographs of my father, Gordon and his family and to know they spent time enjoying a Sunday in Brighton and Hove with the extended family.


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6 Responses to A Peaceful Day in Brighton and Hove

  1. maddy1953 says:

    That’s interesting Jackie, I expect they chose Sunday for the photo because they would be dressed accordingly.
    Do you have any informal old seaside photos? I was looking for a photo of a man paddling with a handkerchief tied at the four corners to make a hat, as I remember a few people used to do at the beach when they would roll up their trouser legs to paddle, I know my family had some photos of that, but I couldn’t find any such photo online!

  2. Becky B says:

    How wonderful to have all these family photographs, and to know who they are. I’m at the moment going through our family archives with my parents but of the few of the rare photos we have from before 1930 there are quite a few where we don’t know who everyone is.

    • What a great idea to go through the family photographs with your parents while they are still here. Even if you don’t know who everyone is, it is still possible to find out by persistent work with ancestry and blogging, and finding other relatives you didn’t even know you had! Such fun!

      • Becky B says:

        My dad has dementia and we’ve realised if we don’t do it now it might be too late in a few months. It is as you say great fun, and fascinating to observe the change in style from formal portraits and serious faces even on a wedding day to smiles and relaxed poses today.

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