Male and Female Hats in the 1920s and 30s

Looking at my photographs of family members in hats, it strikes me that women like to wear the same style as everyone else but men wear whatever they want to and aren’t bothered if it’s the same style as the next man or not. Or perhaps they just like to stand apart from the crowd.

For example, in 1931 and 1932 it is possible to see the Cleeve sisters wearing identical Berets in casual wear and formal hats at Dora’s wedding. The hats worn at the wedding by the ladies were cloche hats.

Wedding of Dora Doswell to Frederick Augustus Ashbolt 21 April 1932

Wedding of Dora Doswell to Frederick Augustus Ashbolt
21 April 1932

We can see all the female guests wearing the same style hat. This cloche style was fashionable from 1908 to 1933. It was the iconic hat of the twenties decade, associated with the flappers of the era. You can read more about it here:

Olive, Grace, 27 Sept 1931, Brighton - Copy

Olive and Grace Cleeve 27 September 1931 Brighton

The previous year, 1931 the Cleeve sisters Olive, Annie and Grace were seen in Brighton wearing the newly fashionable French Beret. 32101_B017979-00077 - Copy

LtoR Joseph T Dinnis, Uncle Ern, Fred June 27 1926 - Copy

Joseph Taylor Dinnis (Bowler hat), Ernest Doswell (flat cap) Frederick Ashbolt (Panama hat)

Looking at the gentlemen’s fashion for hats in the 1930s I found this photograph of my grandfather and two family members.

You can read more about these hats here:

Many thanks to Peggy for her help in identifying the type of hats!


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