Ear ‘ere!

I posted previously on ‘Who is This Man’? pondering if the man in the first photograph was the same man I had previously featured.

Is This John Dinnis?

Is This John Dinnis?

John Dinnis 1888

John Dinnis 1888










I was very happy to receive a comment about ears! Specifically it said “I recall reading in a crime story once that when investigators try to determine if an old man is the same person as a young man they seek, they look at the ears. Many other parts can change over time, but the basic shape of the ear remains unchanged.” Thank you, camryn forrest designs.


This sort of thing intrigues me, so I dug out  some old family photographs and I think this might be right! Have a look at your own photos and see if you come up with the same conclusion. Here is my grandfather and his ears, several years apart.

cropped pic of young jtd

Joseph Taylor Dinnis 25 March 1914

Joseph Taylor Dinnis



Here is his son Ron and his ears:

1938 ron

Ronald Dinnis 1938

Ron 8 March 1947

Ron 8 March 1947










I really hadn’t paid any attention to ears before, but it does kind of make sense that they would be a body part that would remain consistent and not alter. Here is Jack Dinnis and his ears!

Jack Dinnis 1931

Jack Dinnis 1931

Jack Dinnis 1941

Jack Dinnis 1941










Of course this doesn’t really help me with my original problem of deciding if the two men at the top of the page are one and the same man. The older photograph of John Dinnis in 1888 is so blurred it is impossible to see his ears in any detail but the idea of comparing ears is a new and exciting concept to me!

I love it when someone points me in a direction I hadn’t thought of going before and am having so much fun looking at my old photographs trying to see the similarity in ears over the years! I really hadn’t appreciated how different everyone’s ears are, you might like to take a look at your own (photographs and ears!)








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