Meeting the family of Florence and Jack

Well, I’ve had to allow myself an amount of time to try to understand what went on with Jack Albert Harold Walter Dinnis and Florence Violet Heard. When I write about the family I’m finding, I do try to make it easy to read. My problem is that often I don’t really understand it myself. Because of the total excitement of discovering someone, the information comes all at once and it gets hard to write about it in a way that makes it clear.

So last week I was contacted by the lovely Julie Heard, and hopefully this is how the family is connected!

Julie’s father, Robert Heard was brought up by Jack and Florence, who took them in during the 1950s. Robert and myself both have the same photograph of Jack and Florence on their wedding day

Jack AHW Dinnis and Florence V Heard August 17 1918 St. Saviour, Brixton Hill

Jack AHW Dinnis and Florence Violet Heard
August 17 1918
St. Saviour, Brixton Hill

Florence was aged 21 on their wedding day, and had already undergone a hysterectomy when she was 17. Florence and Jack loved children, and took in Ernie and George Heard in the 1920s and 1930s. They were Florence’s nephews, sons of Arthur Heard, Florence’s brother.

Ernie Heard

Ernie Heard

There is some sad information regarding Ernie, he died on Sunday 30 November 1941, age 23 the son of Arthur George and Lilian Margerette Heard; nephew of Mrs F. V. Dinnis of Brixton, London. He was a rifleman in the 1st battalion, King’s Royal Rifle Corps. He is buried in the Alamein Memorial, Egypt.


Next time: the next generation …


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