Review of My Year

Looking back at 2015 I have been surprised at how much has been accomplished. This blog is called ‘Meeting my family’ and that is always my first aim – to meet new family and introduce you to the family I already know about.

Some of the new family I have found this past year include: Patty who sent me a message on Facebook, after finding this WordPress site, via a Google search for her great-great grandmother, Fanny Dinnis. She put me in touch with her sisters, Mary and Pamela who had been given family documents from their mother. They are currently still going through these photographs and documents and will be putting the information on ancestry in the coming year. I am also in contact with Heather, another member of the family.

Fanny Dinnis and her daughter, Edith 1878

Fanny Dinnis and her daughter, Edith

The photograph on the left is one the sisters found among the pile of documents and photographs they have, and they shared with me. You can only imagine how excited I was to ‘see’ Fanny Dinnis, my great-grandfather’s sister! I just never expected to see her, I had nothing about my family other than one photograph of my grandfather and I have been so lucky in finding family so willing to share what they have.






Earlier this year there was a wedding in the family (Mary’s lovely daughter, Beth got married), and I was sent this photo:

group photo of marys family

Mary is seated centre and Beth is to the right of her. What a wonderful group of lovely ladies.

Beth had a bridal shower with a ladies hat theme after reading my blogs about mother’s and wedding day hats.

Other family members I found this year include many from Australia. They kindly sent me some photographs of them all.

Immediate Family355

Sue, centre holding her grandchild with members of her family.

Janet & Robert 312

More Australian family, Janet and Robert








They are related to another sister of my great grandfather, Charlotte Harriet. I wrote about her here:


chd3 - Copy

Charlotte Harriet Dinnis 20 October 1914

Finally, late in the year I found family related to my grandfather’s brother. It’s been great to start getting to know Julie and her father Bob.


Bob Heard, seated and Julie standing on the right, and her lovely daughters at the front

Jack (John) and Florie 1916

John Albert Harold Walter Dinnis and his wife Florence Violet Heard in 1916





As well as finding family, the nature of life is that we sadly lose family, and this year we lost my Auntie Nancy – the last of her generation and a very special lady.

Auntie Nancy birthday - Copy

Nancy Dora Arkell (Dinnis)

It’s easy to feel sad that she has gone, but it is important to also feel glad that she lived and glad that we had the pleasure and privilege of knowing her. I have many happy memories of time spent with her.

I send special love to her daughter, my cousin Sue xxx

I wrote some blogs about Nancy and her time during World War 2.

Also this year me and Sue have had a couple of lovely outings together. The first was a tour of the Old Ship Hotel, which is where our great-great grandfather worked as a Cook and Publican and lived with his family.

Old Ship with Sue 001

We also had a Grand Afternoon Out! Near to the Old Ship Hotel is the Grand Hotel, and we enjoyed a marvelous treat of afternoon tea at The Grand.

Sue (left) and me enjoying the excellent treats of afternoon tea at The Grand Hotel

Sue (left) and me enjoying the excellent treats of afternoon tea at The Grand Hotel

afternoon tea at the Grand 001



I am very much looking forward to 2016, I can’t imagine what will happen during that year. Whatever it brings, I know I will cope with the challenges, enjoy the happiness, and continue searching for family! I wish everyone the very best, and sincerely say

“Happy New Year” to you all.


About Jackie Dinnis

Welcome to my blog where I am enjoying meeting my family - past and present - one at a time. Join me as I learn who my ancestors were, where they lived, what their occupations were and what everyday life was like for them.
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2 Responses to Review of My Year

  1. Luanne @ TFK says:

    I love how researching family history brings families together!! Happy New Year, Jackie!

  2. Su Leslie says:

    Happy New Year to you Jackie; I’ve so enjoyed being part of your journey this past year.

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