In A Tin of Family Photographs I found this one …

reg chapman from blaker streetI filed it on my computer under ‘random unknown’, which isn’t strictly true because on the back is written ‘Reg Chapman, Blaker Street’. When putting Reg in this box I just meant that I didn’t personally know who he was! I have since felt bad about labelling Reg as “random” and “unknown” and thought I would try to find out more about him.

I know that Blaker Street, Brighton is where my grandparents were living from the mid 1930s and where Joseph Taylor and Annie Dinnis brought up their four children: Jack, Nancy, Gordon (my father) and Ron.

Reg is in uniform, so it would seem to be sometime around World War 2. I checked on the website ‘my house my street’ and checked Kellys Directory for 1947 which is the nearest date available for Blaker Street that mentions the Chapman family. At 38 Blaker Street ‘Dinnis, Joseph’ is listed, and at 42 Blaker Street, two doors down ‘Ernest Frederick Chapman’ is listed. I assume Reg was his son, but that is only an assumption, I have no proof!

It just seems to me that if my grandmother had a photograph of Reg Chapman in her collection he must have meant something to her. He would have been about the age of her own children, who were also playing their part in WW2 so perhaps the mothers were friends and used to talk to one another and chat about the letters they were receiving from their children.

Here is a photograph of my father, Gordon Charles Dinnis.

12 March 1943 Gordon Charles Dinnis aged 19 years

12 March 1943
Gordon Charles Dinnis aged 19 years

Taken in March 1943 the hat he is wearing looks the same as the one Reg is wearing, although Reg is wearing a shirt and tie. Here is a photograph of 38 Blaker Street, Brighton taken in 1982.

9 Dec 28.07.1982[1] - Copy (2) - Copy

You might like to look at this link:

It takes you back to 1940 and the bombing of Blaker Street. If anyone has any information about Reg Chapman, I would love to hear from you.

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1 Response to In A Tin of Family Photographs I found this one …

  1. Sue Woodland says:

    Nannie was very friendly with the Chapman family, in particular Mrs Chapman. They used to chat on the doorstep. In those days they didn’t go into each others houses for coffee like we do now. You are correct in that Reg was their son but I don’t remember anything about him.

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